Work with us

Social Media / Communications Volunteer

Within weeks of launching our online presence, Race & Health were featured in national and international media, in newspapers, on the radio and on podcasts. Our inaugural webinar had nearly 1500 registrations from across the world, with 800 live attendees and nearly 3000 total views.

We are now looking for someone to join our public engagement team to build upon this excellent foundation of public engagement to expand our reach and impact.

Who we are looking for?


  1. Commitment to and alignment with our manifesto
  2. Capacity: minimum 6 hours/per week for 1 year, with access to internet
  3. Passionate about minimising the health impacts of racism, xenophobia and discrimination

  4. Experience being an impactful advocate in global health


  1. Previous social media and communications experience
  2. Experience executing/working on global campaigns

What you can expect?

  1. Join team of global experts, scholars and activists
  2. Help build and be part of sustainable partnerships, locally and globally
  3. Mentorship in the field of public health, communications and advocacy
  4. Excellent training in relevant skills and capacity building
  5. Opportunity to be autonomous and use initiative within a global organisation

How to apply

Deadline to apply is 29 October 19:00 GMT+1.

Interviews will be held 2–8 November.

Any questions, please email us.